Monday, March 2, 2009

We Are What We Do

Dear friends,

In the past few months, I have received an influx of emails from many
of you regarding the authenticity of bags found online. My regular customers
and friends already know that I will only sell 100% authentic designer
bags on this website but for some of you who are considering your first purchase
or have never purchased from me before, this is for your benefit :)

It has always been the policy of Fleur De Lis Bags to only bring in authentic designer bags that are below retail boutique prices. Not once in the entire time we have been in operation has anyone doubted or disputed the authenticity of the bags sold and for good reason. You can purchase any bag from this website and get its authenticity guaranteed and verified from its Retailer. This is why the bags you purchase come with its original tags attached.

An easy example would be for the brand Coach. Not only are its tags still attached when purchased, all original Coach bags come with its unique serial number that can be verified at any Coach retail boutique in the country. Now you may argue that counterfeit Coach bags also come with a serial number these days but take that bag to a Coach retail boutique and you will not be able to match that serial number to any bag in the Coach database. Furthermore, Coach, like LV, uses a unique thread, making their stitching and workmanship distinguishable from the rest. No imitation bag will ever be able to pass itself off as an authentic. Authentic bags are sold in its retail boutiques or in actual outlets run by the company itself. There are NO Coach, Louis Vuitton, Aigner, etc outlets in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore or the such.

Many of you may not know the repercussions of purchasing an imitation bag, regardless of its brand. It may be cheap and yes, you may be able to pass it off as a high grade knock-off, but there is more to what went into making that knock-off than meets the eye. After all, you get what you pay for, right?

Not only is the actual design copyrighted by its rightful designer, the knock-off bag trade also finances child prostitution, human trafficking and believe it or not, has been proven to have funded terrorism as well. It is a well-run crime syndicate that cheats the designer of his creative efforts and puts minor children into illegal factories that forces the child, usually around the ages of 5 - 13, to endless hours of work with less than minimum wage pay. It is child labor, clear and simple.

Is this what you really want to be supporting as you tote around your counterfeit bag?

I refuse to be part of this horrible and inhumane scam.
Fleur De Lis Bags is committed to bringing you only authentic designer items at a bargain.
This is what we stand by and this is what we do.

Much love,
Fleur De Lis